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You should change your grass every 1- 2 months, with fresh soil every 2nd grass replacement

Simply use a spray bottle and spray the grass every night or even 2 times a day, depending on where you have the pallet (inside, balcony, outside). If using a hose, have the setting on mist and water it daily. During summer and the warmer months, it is best to water your grass in the evening.

We offer grass replacements, but you can also purchase the grass from your local Bunnings (Sir Walter Buffalo Grass/Turf)

Yes, each wheel on the Poopie Pallet has a brake so you can put the brakes on to prevent the pallet from moving.

You are able to choose any colour and we aim to match that colour to the best of our ability

Yes, the Poopie Pallet comes already made with soil and grass, ready for your dog to use. For interstate orders, we send out the pallet, you will then need to purchase the grass and soil.

The ‘set-up’ video link will be sent to you via email

It drains straight to the ground, although, 80% of the water and urine is absorbed by the grass and soil.

Yes, our pallets can be made for indoor use

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